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Vincenzo Segnale

Vincenzo Segnale
As VHR’s Account Support Manager, I graduated from the VHR Academy to become a successful technical recruitment consultant. My Business & Economics Degree, Master’s Degree in Business & Governance and passion for the Aerospace and Motorsport industries drove me to seek a recruitment career providing the best technical recruitment services.
4 min read

The Secrets to Finding Top Engineering Candidates

Technology, compliance and increased awareness and legislation around modern slavery have made significant changes to recruitment processes in the past decade, and uncertainty around Brexit and intern...

2 min read

How Electric Vehicles Will Change Infrastructure

Over the next two decades the UK Government will slowly phase out diesel-powered vehicles, and petrol-powered cars soon after. This is in part to combat air pollution which in some cities is reaching ...

2 min read

CV Buzzwords for 2019

Employers are always looking for the best talent. Your CV is one of the best ways for you to let potential employers or recruiters know that you’re qualified, engaged, and the best candidate for the j...

2 min read

Reasons to Work in Antarctica

Antarctica is one of the last remaining untouched places on the planet. The total surface area of the continent is about 14 million square kilometres: approximately 50 times the size of the UK. The ne...

2 min read

Working With Autonomous Vehicles – The Skills You Need

Autonomous technology is on the rise, with self-driving cars and autonomous planes poised to disrupt their respective industries. Autonomous vehicles are becoming more commonplace every day, with deba...

2 min read

Why Flying Cars May Be Here Sooner Than You Think

Flying cars have been a science fiction staple for decades, first seen in the black and white 1930s Buck Rogers TV series. The film Back to the Future II depicted flying cars as commonplace in 2015, b...

2 min read

How Recruitment Secures A More Qualified Workforce

A long-term stable workforce has many advantages: employees are efficient, well-practiced and work well together. However, it’s easy for long-term employees to become complacent, slow to embrace new i...

2 min read

What Is the Bloodhound Supercar and How Does It Work?

Supercars are high-powered vehicles capable of travelling far faster than traditional models.

3 min read

How to Make Your Cover Letter Stand Out

When applying for jobs, candidates often spend hours on their CV, making sure it’s perfect. While it’s important to optimise your CV,another crucial part of the application process that’s often overlo...

2 min read

What Is Formula E and What Does It Mean For Formula One?

What is Formula E? Formula E has grown in popularity over recent years since its uncertain beginnings in 2014. The green alternative to Formula One, the cars run entirely on electric engines. This mea...

6 min read

Guide to Working in the EU

VHR recruit engineers, project managers and technical specialists from all around the world. But no matter where we’re recruiting from, one of the questions we’re always asked is: ‘How can I work in t...