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Maxwell Davies

Maxwell Davies

How Scotland's Space Industry Is Growing

Space technology is being used for more than exploration of our solar system. Once only limited to communications, satellite technology can now be used for data analysis. Today, it’s being used to fig...

Is The Future Of Combat Non-Nuclear?

Nuclear weapons defined the closing days of World War II, and loomed over the next fifty years of combat, dominating both the military and psychological landscapes of world leaders and the people who ...

Upcoming Defence Projects That Will Change Warfare

The Future Of Warfare: Anti-Satellite Lasers Much of our communications infrastructure is now located in space, crucial for the military as well as civilian life. Spy satellites are now common, so it’...

Household Items that Came From Military Technology

When we think of military technology, we tend to think of fighter jets soaring through the sky, submarines hiding beneath the ocean, or powerful missiles that can’t be intercepted.

UK Announces Plans for Satellite Defence System

The UK has announced today that it will be increasing its presence in space, moving to deter growing threats from China and Russia.

How We’re Going To Grow Plants On Mars

There is a good chance we will be on track to colonise Mars by 2050. While we’re currently yet to set foot on the Red Planet, there are many national and private entities looking to send people to sta...

How The Lockheed Blackbird Made Military History

One of the most famous planes in the military, the Lockheed Blackbird has been the pinnacle of speed, stealth, and innovation for decades.

What Is The Future of Cyber Warfare?

With cyber attacks being more and more prevalent in businesses around the world, national security agencies and military forces are turning their attention to cyber warfare.

Technological Progress Since The Moon Landing (And How That Helps Engineering Today)

Since mankind landed on the moon fifty years ago, our technological progress has rapidly expanded across every single sector and discipline of science. Thanks to technology developed specifically for ...

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Is Hyundai’s Project Elevate The Future Of Car Design?

Cars have, for as long as they’ve existed, had wheels. Wheels are efficient, reliable, and allow vehicles to move at speed.

Will The US Space Force Ever Exist?

President Trump announced the creation of a US Space Force months ago, to immediate ridicule. Despite this, the Trump administration expects the space force will be up and running by 2020.

New Design Could Revolutionise Communications Systems

A new communications design based around origami patterns could allow radio antenna to adapt their structure under certain conditions, increasing their versatility and usefulness. The technology was c...