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7 Values Your Recruitment Provider Must Have

  • by: Sunette Van Aarde
  • On: 5, Mar 2019
3 min read

Values make up the foundation of any business. They determine how the business will grow, the decisions that will be made, and how it’s viewed by the rest of the world. A strong core of values helps

Values A Good Recruiter Should Have:

  • Integrity

Integrity is one of the most important values a business can be based around. It ensures that standards are kept high, that rules are followed, and that quality is at the heart of every decision.

VHR’s Compliance team works hard to ensure all our practices and candidates are compliant with international data and employment laws. From the very start of our recruitment process, our Compliance team works to make sure every phone call, every message, every interaction complies with the law, to protect our candidate’s information, and our client’s interests. This is crucial to the integrity of the business, which is why we’re trusted by everyone who uses our services.

  • Trust

Trust makes the difference between a single contract and years of service. We don’t take this for granted. Trust has to be earned, and then it has to be maintained. Our sales team knows this, and go the extra mile to ensure that clients understand exactly what they’ll be getting when they work with us. Any work we do is monitored and analysed to determine the level of success. Our account managers provide our clients with an extended service that promotes a long-term partnership, and builds trust.

  • Honesty

Both candidates and clients expect honesty from recruitment agencies they deal with. Candidates need to know the details of the job they’re applying for, the level of security, and if there are any future prospects leading on from it. Likewise, clients need to know if targets are likely to be met on time.

Our delivery team maintains close and consistent communication with our candidates, and deliver reports back to the account managers so there everyone knows how projects are going. This helps build relationships, which is one of the most important elements of recruitment.

  • Respect

Mutual respect helps people on both sides of the business be understood, and is a vital ingredient in a long-term working relationship. VHR’s HR team strives to foster a culture of respect so that everyone can achieve their full potential. This extends to our candidates, without whom we wouldn’t have a business.

  • Teamwork

All businesses depend on teamwork to achieve their objectives and to grow. VHR is no different, with 9 departments all working on different projects that come together help the company. VHR’s marketing team creates content that helps our candidates, guides and reports that may interest our clients, and uses social media to communicate that to the world.

  • Commitment

All businesses must be committed to providing the best service to their customers. In recruitment, this is just as important for clients as for candidates, which is why our finance team is committed to providing support, advice, and payment to all our candidates around the world.

  • Quality

Quality should be a value of any business. Having a focus on having the best product or service possible will keep you ahead of your competitors, and keep your customers happy. VHR’s Data and Operations team helps the company maintain a high level of quality by providing a comprehensive analysis of how each team is performing. This gives us valuable insight into how to improve our services, maintaining our focus on quality.

VHR is dedicated to these values, and they guide us in every project, every meeting, every service we provide.

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