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7 Top Tips For Employees Resuming Office Life

  • by: Rebecca Fagan
  • On: 1, Sep 2021
4 min read

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced the government worldwide to close their borders, airports, ports, industries, factories, and markets. It has virtually put the world at a halt. It has changed the way we think, work, and live. It adversely impacted all sectors of the economy, but the aviation, marine, and energy industries had one of the worst impacts. As the vaccines have developed and the world has started taking control over infectious diseases, people have started going back to their 'normal lives. But, we are not out of the hook yet as the Delta variant is on the rise. We still need to follow COVID protocols to keep ourselves safe. 

Here are the top 7 tips for the workers returning to offices after a long span of remote working to help organise themselves for office life again.  


1. Returning to the office:

Keep following basic COVID-19 protocols. The pandemic is far from over. The world is just adapting towards a new kind of normal life. Many countries are still dealing with the new and more infectious delta variant, and therefore, we still need to follow the COVID-19 safety protocols. So, when workers return to office life again, they should keep wearing the mask as it reduces the likelihood of virus transmission by 90%. Moreover, people working in the aviation industry and workshops need to be more careful as they will be dealing with new people and new clients every minute. 

Wearing a mask only is not sufficient to protect yourself from the virus. You also need to periodically wash your hand and keep sanitising them whenever you meet new people or touch a new surface. People working in offices frequently meet new people, clients, visitors, or touch surfaces, so these employees should sanitise their hands regularly. 


2. Adapt for redesigned spaces to prioritise physical distancing

In addition to wearing masks and washing and sanitising hands, it is important to maintain a physical distance of at least six meters to minimise the spreading and transmitting of the virus. Employers need to redesign densely populated and congested working areas such as workspaces in the manufacturing industry to maintain social distancing.  


3. Get ready to plan phased scenarios for returning to work

Many companies such as IBM are planning for a phase-wise return of the workers based on their job role. If you are working in a company and need access to equipment such as if you are working in Scientific Labs or Research and Development Centers, then you will be in the first batch to return to the office. This will help employers keep employees safe, test COID-19 policies, and address shared spaces such as meeting rooms, conference rooms, bathrooms, and kitchens. Companies such as Robin are using a 4-Phased framework for returning to the office. They call 25% of the employees in the first phase, and 50%, 75%, and 100% in the second, third, and fourth phases. 


4. Be ready for Restricted movement in congested areas like lifts etc.

One of the most little but the more effective changes that employees can see after the post-COVID era is the restricted movement in congested areas such as lifts, pantries, etc. So, the employees need to be ready for such restrictions and cooperate with the offices' administration. You are restricted from moving in these congested areas to prevent the spread of the diseases. So, follow it for your safety.  


5. Express gratitude to employees to boost morale

Whether you are working in the Aviation & Aerospace industry, Service industry, or any other industry, it is essential to motivate and appreciate your colleagues and team members to keep them productive, motivated, efficient, and preventing them from burning out. Make it a habit to inquire about subordinates' health and other psychological problem and helping if they are in need. The pandemic has unimaginable physical, psychological, and emotional problems for people. So, we need to help those in need. 


6. Cooperate with the screening process at the entrance 

When you go to the office in the post-COVID era, you may be required to have a temperature check via screening machine, as high fever is one of the symptoms of COVID-19. Therefore, you need to coordinate with the individual to check for your safety. 


7. Research the traveling requirements

Countries have now opened their borders and ports for foreign travel. If you are working in a foreign country, then before traveling, you must visit the checklist required for entering that country. For instance, when traveling to the UK, the testing and quarantine rules depend on where you were ten days before traveling. It also depends on which country you are coming from and which list your country is an amber list or in red list. To check for more details, please visit GOV.UK


Office life would not be the same as pre-COVID. You need to organise and familiarise yourself with the new environment. You still need to wear masks, wash and sanitise your hands, keep social distancing, face restricted movements, and go through temperature screening in the post-COVID era.

Here are six things you can do to improve your job and career prospects in the year ahead.

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