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7 Reasons to Work in the Netherlands

  • by: Jennifer Robinson
  • On: 30, May 2018
4 min read

Want to live and work abroad, but don’t know which is the right country for you? Here are VHR’s Top 7 Reasons to Work in the Netherlands.

Why You Should Work In The Netherlands:


7. Job Opportunities

As one of the most stable economies in the EU, the Dutch economy is also one of the richest. The Netherlands may be small, but it’s full of fresh job opportunities. Expats living and working in the Netherlands can grow their careers by joining one of many international companies with a Dutch office. For those starting their own business, the Dutch government also helps small businesses to grow by simplifying bureaucracy, offering tax breaks and continuously updating government policies. A thriving economy offering a wealth of job and career opportunities is one of the best reasons to work in the Netherlands.

6. Working Standards

The Netherlands is on the list of the ten best countries to live in for a good work/life balance. The Dutch government is constantly finding new ways to attract highly skilled migrants and entrepreneurs via schemes such as the 30% tax ruling and the startup visa residence permit. The Netherlands transformed itself over the centuries from a tidal lowland of farmers, sailors and merchants into a financial centre, design hotspot and start-up capital

Tip for working in the Netherlands: Dutch businesspeople pride themselves on etiquette and organisation. People are open, honest and respectful to others regardless of their position. It is also important to address colleagues and partners by their last name until they invite you to do otherwise.

5. Health

Want to use your journey to work to get fit and stay healthy? Cycling is the main form of transportation in the Netherlands. In Amsterdam alone, some 800,000 bikes are used to commute through the capital city every day. Cycling to work benefits your health, saves money on transport and helps the environment. Car, bus, tram and train are also available in the Netherlands and are all easy to use to navigate yourself around the country. An enjoyable commute that doubles as your daily exercise is one of the best reasons to work in the Netherlands.

4. Social Life

The Netherlands allows for a very active social life – those living and working in the Netherlands are not allowed to work more than 60 hours a week, and the average work week is between 36 and 40 hours. This gives Dutch workers the chance to explore the sites the Netherlands have to offer and to become immersed in the Dutch culture and way of life.

3. Culture

High on the list of reasons to work in the Netherlands is the incredible Dutch history. The Netherlands offers beautiful historic buildings, canals, gardens and parks, as well as must-see museums and galleries. The Netherlands and its history attract more than 15 million tourists a year. The Netherlands are renowned for some famous and tasty dishes including:

o Patat (the Dutch version of French Fries)

o Stroopwaffle (most famous pastry from the Netherlands)

o Cheese

o Beer

o Liquorice

o Bitterballen (a favourite snack amongst the Dutch – a type of savoury meatball)

Tip for working in the Netherlands: The culture is very much about ‘getting things done’. There are strict agendas to be followed and very little patience for small talk, meaning tasks are efficiently executed and there is minimal time wasted.

2. Community

The language skills of the Dutch population are impeccable. Most people living in the Netherlands can speak fluent English; don’t worry if you do not currently speak any Dutch, as the cultural diversity of the Netherlands ensures communication is never a problem.

Dutch citizens are very friendly and hospitable, and welcome all people across different backgrounds and cultures. The Dutch have a reputation as tolerant, welcoming and open to new opportunities, and this is reflected in the way they do business.

1. High Standard of Living

Top on the list of reasons to work in the Netherlands is the high standard of living. Life expectancy in the Netherlands is among the longest in the world, and the United Nations’ World Happiness Report ranks the Netherlands as the seventh happiest country in the world.

The quality of air and water and levels of disposable income, employment and education are far better than many other European countries. The Dutch spend on average just 19% of their gross adjusted disposable income on household costs, leaving more opportunities to grow savings, pursue projects and life ambitions and build an enjoyable and comfortable life.

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