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5 Scary Job Interview Questions

  • by: Iulia Mihalache
  • On: 24, Oct 2018
3 min read

Job interviews can be scary: there’s a lot of pressure, and at the end of the interview you will either have a job or you won’t. This can make us nervous, and panic when questions are asked that we aren’t ready for.

Don’t be afraid. Take some time to think about potential questions you might be asked, and the ones you might struggle with. We’ve chosen five scary job interview questions and given some advice on how to deal with them.

How to Answer Tough Interview Questions


1. What’s Your Biggest Weakness?

First on the list of scary job interview questions is ‘What’s your biggest weakness?’ This is a classic interview question, one you will probably be asked at every single interview you ever have, and one you will encounter in at least one interview in your life. Many people answer with a strength that they pass off as a weakness; ‘I’m a perfectionist’ usually translates to: ‘I always give 110%, you should hire me.’ Most employers are aware people do this and are really looking for a genuine area of weakness, not a strength.

While perfectionism can be a weakness, generally the concept of perfection is not considered a negative trait. The trick to answering this job interview is to be honest, in a constructive way. Give a genuine weakness, and then give an example of how you have overcome it in the past. As with all interview questions, it’s good to give concrete examples of how you have done things, solved problems and made progress.

2. What Would your Co-Workers Say About You?

This question is designed to test your self-awareness, as well as your understanding of how you work. What do you think your co-workers say about you? Maybe you’ve never thought about this before. You shouldn’t answer this question by being relentlessly positive.

Use it as an opportunity to tell your interviewer more about yourself, but in a way that shows you in a positive light. Use an example of when you’ve gone out of your way to help a co-worker, or when you were part of a team that achieved its goals. This will show as a positive member of the team, and someone who will contribute to the company culture.

3. Where Do You See Yourself In 5 Years?

Employers ask this question because they want to know what motivates and drives you. Be honest about where you want to be, as this can separate you from other candidates. Use your job interview as an opportunity to find out what kind of progression there is in the role and in the company. Do you have any plans for personal development? Do they align with what the company can provide?

Discussing your hopes and dreams in front of your interviewer has the potential to be a scary job interview question, but preparation will make it much easier. Think about how you would achieve these goals and why they drive you. The worst thing you do with this question is not know where you want to be, so think about it and come up with an answer that shows you’re motivated by progress.

4. Why Should We Hire You?

‘Why should we hire you?’ is one of the most scary job interview questions. It demands you justify why you should be hired clearly and concisely without bragging. This isn’t easy. You must believe that you are the best person to hire, that you will be able to do the job well. You must then make your interviewer believe it.

Answer this job interview question by listing positive traits that you have spoken about earlier in the interview, with real-world examples to back them up. You should have an idea about what the company’s values are, and what the role requires; use these to inform the positive traits you choose to speak about.

5. Tell Me About Yourself

‘Tell me about yourself’ is a scary job interview question because it doesn’t directly relate to the company or the position you’re interviewing for. It’s all about you. However, it is an opportunity to show off a bit of your personality, explain who you are, what gets you up in the morning, and set yourself apart from other job candidates. Include things that you can link to a good employee – anything that shows you to be engaging, responsible or creative.

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