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5 Reasons to Work in Hungary

  • by: Iulia Mihalache
  • On: 16, Apr 2018
2 min read

Want to work abroad? Here are the top five reasons to work in Hungary.

5. Employment Rate in Hungary

Larger cities such as Budapest, Miskolc and Debrecen offer quality employment opportunities: Hungary’s employment rate rose to an all-time high in February 2018, making a wealth of job opportunities one of the many reasons to work in Hungary. With the unemployment rate currently standing at 3.9%, expats seeking jobs in Hungary will find a booming economy and rising wages.

4. Cost of Living

The cost of basic living expenses in Hungary are considerably low in comparison with the rest of the EU. Expats in Hungary can expect to pay less for food, medicines and cosmetics, and monthly public transport costs and average rent are considerably lower. Value for money and the opportunity to live well whilst saving money are some of the best reasons to work in Hungary.

3. Economy

Budapest is considered one of the best developed countries in the financial sector and currently ranks as one of the primary regional economies in the EU. Hungary’s technology sector is evolving rapidly, creating a variety of jobs in engineering, and Budapest is one of the top 100 performing cities in the world regarding its GDP.

2. Culture

The culture of Hungary varies across the country, starting from the capital city of Budapest on the Danube, to the Great Plains bordering Ukraine. Traditional Hungarian food includes world-famous Goulash, popular stews and meat dishes and indulgent cakes, pastries and desserts. Hungary is well-known and admired for its architecture and cultural heritage: expats living and working in Hungary can visit Roman ruins, see the largest Synagogue in Europe and marvel at historical architecture from the Baroque, Renaissance, Gothic and Art Nouveau periods.

1. Work & Living Standards

Excellent work and living standards are top of the best reasons to work in Hungary. According to the Economic Complexity Index, Hungary has a very high human development index and a skilled labour force, with the 13th lowest income inequality in the world.

Hungary’s economic success means the country can offer ever-improving health and education systems and high employment standards, including good benefits, holiday pay, maternity pay and paid sick leave. Hungary’s economy is continuously creating new jobs across industries. Since joining the EU in 2004, a wealth of international companies have invested in branch offices in Hungary, particularly the popular capital city of Budapest, as business leaders recognise the value of Hungary’s place in the global market.

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