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5 Motorsport Trends in 2018: Industry Predictions for the Year Ahead

  • by: Conor McKeon
  • On: 17, Jan 2018
3 min read
 The revelations of last week’s annual motorsport event Autosport International – which VHR attended –  coupled with the recent Formula One rule changes signal the top new motorsport trends in 2018.

 The 5 Biggest Motorsport Trends in 2018:

  • The Rise of Electric Cars and Automated Vehicles

Electric Vehicle ChargingElectric vehicles and autonomous technology are becoming an integral part of today’s Automotive industry and one of the fastest-rising motorsport trends in 2018.

Following the recent release of Elon Musk’s record-breaking Tesla Roadster, an updated model of the first battery-powered racing car, motorsport manufacturers are moving away from performance engineering and further into electric vehicles manufacturing. Formula E is also set to expand to 11 teams for the next season.

  • All New Formula One Experience

This year Formula One fans will feel more involved in the race than ever before. F1 organisers plan to introduce a new F1 App, streaming platforms and improved graphics, in an effort to revolutionise the way that Formula One is televised and get fans even closer to the action.

  • Motorsport Industry Growth

Electric cars and sustainable vehicle technology helped make industry output 3.9% higher in July-November 2017 than in the same period in 2016. The Automotive industry will look forward to long-term prosperity, with the motorsport sector continuing to grow from 2018 to 2021.

  • Motorsport Skills Shortages and an Increase in Motorsport Jobs

Requiring a completely different skillset from Motorsport technicians and engineers, the rapidly advancing innovations in electric vehicles could attract previously untapped talent pools – acting as a welcome solution to the current engineering skills shortage sweeping the Automotive industry.
  • Motorsport Regulation Changes

How Formula One Will ChangeThe last of the motorsport trends in 2018 will see the leaders in motorsport face power element restrictions. Drivers will be limited to a maximum of three combustion engines, turbos and MGU-Hs, and only two MGU-Ks, control electronics and energy stores for the 21 races.

Driver safety will be a key focus, with the introduction of the halo: the cockpit protection device designed to deflect debris away from the driver’s head.

New Formula One rule changes for 2018 also include outlawing the often-used loophole techniques of T-wings and shark fins and emerging trend of trick suspension, preventing quicks wins for aerodynamic performance improvements.
 Find out more about the Motorsport Trends in 2018, including How Formula E is Changing Professional Motorsport.

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