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3 Ways Recruitment Companies Can Get You Contract Work

  • by: Joseph Tominey
  • On: 10, Dec 2018
2 min read

Contract jobs allow engineers to develop new skills and gain experience, in places all over the world. When working as a contractor, you can either go directly to a business, or use a recruitment agency. There are positives and negatives to both, but a using a recruitment agency to find an engineering job means there is someone else working on your behalf to get you the best job, for the best price.

Why You Should Use A Recruitment Agency To Find Contract Work:

1. Recruitment Agencies Have Long-Standing Relationships With Employers

When you approach them to find a job, your recruitment agency will have been working with their clients for years. Recruiters are tasked by their clients to find the best person for the job – and if your skills and experience match the job description, that person is you.

The existing relationship between the staffing agency and the client means there is already a bond of trust for you to take advantage of. The agency putting you forward is staking their reputation and their business on you, meaning the client will already know you’re capable. This can lead to continued employment, or more jobs on different projects.

2. A Good Recruiter Will Find Work For You Many Times

Beyond getting you a job when you’re first looking, a good recruitment agency will keep you in mind for future job opportunities. Recruiters always need candidates for new contracts, so you could potentially stay with the same recruitment company for years at a time, or even for your whole engineering career.

Your recruitment agency will come to know your talents, your level of experience and what direction you want your career to go in. A specialist recruitment agency will have a deep understanding of what a potential new job requires and what your skills are. As those skills develop, you can use a recruitment agency to find jobs that are closer to your ideal role.

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3. Recruiters Want to Get You Long Contracts

Your interests and your recruitment agency’s interests are perfectly aligned: both want you to achieve long, secure and well-paying contracts.

Having a recruiter who negotiates pay and working conditions for you can mean a longer contract or higher pay. Recruitment agencies can make the difference between pay grades, so utilise them to get not only the best jobs but also the best pay and best working life.

Contract work can be inconsistent, so having a dedicated team of recruitment experts working on your behalf to find you the best jobs is something to consider if you’re looking for contract engineering work.

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