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3 Growing Jobs in The Marine Industry

  • by: Conor McKeon
  • On: 15, Oct 2018
2 min read

The Marine sector is hugely important to support British infrastructure and the economy. Marine employment, productivity, and turnover have all increased over the last five years.

Working in the Marine Industry

Marine is made up of four key sub-sectors: naval, commercial, leisure, and offshore energy. A staggering 95% of UK exports are sent via Marine routes, and 75% of British imports as well. The Marine sector has a combined turnover of £56 billion: more than Aerospace and Agriculture combined. The Marine industry directly employs over 400,000 people in the UK alone.

In the last 40 years, worldwide maritime trade has quadrupled and is predicted to increase over the next ten years. Ships already carry 77% of all trade across the world.

The next Strategic Defence And Security Review (SDSR) for ocean defences is scheduled for 2020. This review will outline how to maintain security over shipping lanes and will have an impact on the whole industry. Our economy is dependent on movement through dangerous waters and will have to be protected.

Growing international pressure on reducing human impact on the environment has led to a binding international agreement brokered by the International Maritime Organisation to halve greenhouse gas emissions from ships at sea by 2050. An ambitious project, it’s clear the future of the marine sector is due some big changes in the coming years, and will no doubt be shaped by the people working within the industry.

What Are Some of The Best Jobs in The Marine Industry?

1. Naval Architect

Naval architects are engineers who design watercraft or anything that can be used as transportation on water. Boat design is evolving all the time: new smart materials, manufacturing options and technological enhancements; boats are becoming more than just a means of transportation.

Carbon nanofibers have allowed for drastic weight reduction, saving fuel and reducing environmental impact. 3D printing is lowering the time it takes to create parts, helping the Marine industry to stay on schedule. AI is changing how logistics are tracked. All these developments factor into the overall design process of a new boat, with the ability to effect change making Naval Architect one of the best jobs in the Marine industry.

2. Ship Broker

A ship broker is a specialist intermediary between ship owners or designers and charterers. Ship Brokers must understand the needs of the client, the capabilities and specifications of the ship, and know the layout of the rest of the market. Ship Brokers also negotiate on the price of the deal. Because of these legal aspects of their role, many Ship Brokers have legal qualifications and extensive experience which they may have built up over several years of on-the-job training.

3. Marine Engineer

Diversity and variety of work make Marine Engineer one of the best jobs in the Marine industry. Marine Engineers and Marine Technicians keep the ships afloat and running smoothly. It could be that your time is split between lab work and on-ship maintenance. Alternatively, you could be on a research vessel.

Marine Engineers can work on mechanical tasks or might be more suited to data analysis. Wherever you’re based and whatever you’re doing, you’ll be working in a cutting-edge field, part of a global industry that is responsible for delivering food, medicine, and other vital resources around the world.

Check out VHR’s Marine jobs, or read about the skills you’ll need to work in Marine.

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