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10 Best Technical Industries to Work in 2018

  • by: Jennifer Robinson
  • On: 29, Mar 2018
6 min read

Here Are The Top 10 Best Industries to Work in 2018:


10. Mechanical Design

Best Industries to Work - Mechanical DesignThe creative industry is now one of the UK’s fastest growing sectors, and it continues to outperform the other industries. The Design & Creative sector is now worth over £92 billion and is growing at twice the rate of the economy. Talented individuals seeking a design career can enjoy a relaxed and friendly working atmosphere, casual or smart-casual dress, opportunities to learn and develop your skillset and an open culture centred around communication and social events.




9. Engineering

In Q4 2017, 22% of UK engineering businesses listed skill shortages as one of their most pressing challenges to tackle in the coming years. The engineering industry is also under-representative of diverse talent – just 9% of the UK’s engineering workforce is female and only 6% of engineers are from an ethnic minority background – and large international employers are already investing in attracting diverse engineers to drive growth and success.

2018 is The Year of Engineering, a national campaign to increase awareness and understanding of what engineers do among young people aged 7-16, their parents and their teachers. To fulfil labour demands, the UK engineering industry needs to recruit and train 1.8 million people by 2025 – meaning that 2018 is the perfect year to begin an engineering career or develop your existing technical skillset.

8. Technical Recruitment

Best Industries to Work - Technical RecruitmentIn 2017 the recruitment industry saw a 20% increase in the launch of new businesses, and Companies House has recorded an average 21% YOY growth in the number of UK recruitment businesses. In 2018, 67% of UK staffing agencies are forecasting an increase in revenue of 60%, compared to 2017.

Recruitment is one of the best industries to work in 2018 for several reasons. Working in recruitment is like having a business within a business: you are rewarded on your performance, without having to take the financial risk of starting your own business. Recruitment is a ‘work hard, play hard’ culture, and recruitment agencies will create a social environment for their employees to enjoy.

 7. Manufacturing

Jobs in the UK manufacturing sector are predicted to rise by 22.9% in 2018 alone, and those working in manufacturing are set to see some of the biggest pay rises. Manufacturing is growing at a rapid pace across the world, in China, Canada, Israel, Turkey and the UK, with globalisation and innovations in technology driving an increase in manufacturing production.

6. Electric & Autonomous Vehicles

Sustainable vehicle technology is one of the world’s fastest-growing industries. The growth of Electric Vehicles & Autonomous Vehicles helped to increase UK Automotive industry output by 3.9% more in July-November 2017 than in the same period in 2016.

The Automotive industry is looking forward to long-term prosperity, with technological advances enabling the motorsport sector to continue its path to growth from 2018 to 2021. VHR are looking to recruit a variety of senior technicians to work in Electric Vehicles Jobs & Autonomous Vehicles Jobs – find out more.

5. Space

Best Industries to Work - SpaceAs the fastest-growing sector of Britain's economy, the UK Space industry is expected to create 100,000 new jobs and generate £40 billion in turnover in the next year.

The Space industry is also booming across the globe: America’s space agency NASA is pioneering the future in space exploration by launching a new planet-hunter to find new worlds in April 2018, and the European Space Agency (ESA) is already developing the Earth observation system Copernicus and the Galileo GPS programme.Read more about the latest Aerospace innovations.


4. Software Development

Tech companies such as Microsoft, Adobe and Salesforce are listed amongst the Top 20 Best Places to Work in 2018, voted for by employees scoring CEO leadership, employee perks and career opportunities. In an age of technological disruption, technology giants are moving fast to develop software that satisfies high customer expectations and increased demand, and the rapidly growing software industry will need plenty of skilled talent to achieve success.

3. Food Engineering & Alternative Food Products

Following food trends such as the Paleo diet and increasing rates of vegetarianism, veganism and food intolerances, consumers all over the world are looking to introduce more protein into their meals without compromising on quality, taste, ethics or health. The rapid advancement of food engineering in the past few years and increased awareness of other cultures means that Food Scientists are imagining and innovating with unprecedented scope, support and investment.

2. Cyber Security

Best Industries to Work - Cyber SecurityCyber Security and Data Integrity were thrust into the spotlight with large-scale attacks public sector infrastructure and data breaches within blue-chip companies. In 2015 alone, despite more than $75 billion investment into enterprise security, over 75% of the Fortune 500 were breached by cyber adversaries.

Cybersecurity Ventures predicts that global spending on cybersecurity products and services will exceed $1 trillion by 2021. When cyber attacks are combined with new data regulations such as the GDPR, which threatens to fine non-compliant companies up to 4% of annual turnover for inaccurate record-keeping, Cyber Security will be one of the best industries to work in 2018.

1. Airlines

Boeing’s Current Market Outlook 2017-2027 forecasts that the global commercial aircraft fleet will increase by 40%, from 25,000 in 2017 to over 35,000 by 2027. This global expansion will require, according to Boeing’s research, an additional 560,000 pilots and 600,000 technicians by the early 2030s. Global airlines host a powerful market, with airlines one of the best industries to work in 2018 for those seeking a travel-based career. Large airlines such as Etihad and Emirates offer fulfilling careers in bustling hubs, across many airports around the world.

Read the 5 Reasons to Work for a Global Airline.

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