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World Humanitarian Day – 5 Ways to Spot Unethical Recruitment

Posted by Samantha Taylor on Aug 15, 2018 4:21:14 PM

World Humanitarian Day pays respect to those working to help improve the lives of others in dyer conditions. VHR are helping raise awareness of Unethical Recruitment – a practice that can have legal consequences and damage the lives of everyone involved.

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7 Reasons to Work in Finland

Posted by Dale Fisher on Aug 10, 2018 5:02:17 PM

This Nordic country has many amazing job opportunities, beautiful scenery and an enjoyable way of life. Here are VHR’s reasons to work in Finland.


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Marine Sustainability: Hybrid Solutions Reduce Environmental Footprint and Enhance Performance

Posted by Guy Ellis on Aug 9, 2018 2:08:03 PM

With an estimated 12.7million tonnes of plastic littering the ocean, Marine Sustainability is top of the industry’s agenda. Here’s how Marine technology is driving high performance and environmental benefits in yacht racing around the world.

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3 Ways Technology is Changing the Automotive Industry

Posted by Richard Goss on Aug 8, 2018 4:41:38 PM

The future of Automotive Technology will see exciting innovation and benefits for customers and global Automotive brands alike. Here’s how the Automotive Industry is already benefiting from technological advantages in vehicle manufacturing and operations.

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5 Reasons Not to Go to University

Posted by Samantha Taylor on Aug 7, 2018 5:29:10 PM

When thinking about University there are many pros and cons to consider, and the reasons to begin an apprenticeship may be more beneficial to a career in engineering or other industries. Here are 5 reasons not to go to university.

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10 Biggest Interview Mistakes

Posted by Samantha Taylor on Aug 3, 2018 2:11:09 PM

Your interview is the first physical impression your recruiter or hiring manager will have of you, and first impressions count for a lot. Follow VHR’s top 10 tips to avoid the biggest interview mistakes.

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Anniversary Blog: Kara Tusso, HR & Technical

Posted by Samantha Taylor on Aug 2, 2018 5:59:00 PM

My Role at VHR

My role at VHR is On-Site HR & Technical Coordinator.

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Marine Technology: Biometric Data Empowering Sailors

Posted by Dale Fisher on Aug 1, 2018 5:46:43 PM

How the latest Marine technology in the form of biometric data is helping sailors improve yacht racing performance.

Biometrics is the measurement and statistical analysis of the unique physical and behavioural characteristics of individuals. The growth of biometrics has led to fantastic changes in sport by allowing athletes to control more aspects of their jobs and careers and continually enhance performance.

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Shortage of B747 Engineers

Posted by SFmanager on Jul 31, 2018 5:19:02 PM

Demand for B747 Engineers is at an all-time high, with Aviation industry leaders facing a significant skills shortage in the coming years. Cost-effective Aviation training, bespoke apprenticeship programmes and early careers advice – how can industry leaders solve the B747 Engineer skills shortage?

In Q4 2017 42% of Aviation industry leaders identified a labour shortage as the most urgent challenge they will face in the next five years. Global demand for Aviation skills is set to overtake supply by 2027, with B747 Engineers under-represented amongst a rapidly reducing workforce.

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How to Recruit CNC Engineers

Posted by SFmanager on Jul 31, 2018 2:53:40 PM

How can recruiters quickly and effectively hire CNC Engineers, and what techniques should they practice to match the best candidate to the job?

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